About Me!
Hey there! 
Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my work. My name is Marcela Vasquez, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in New York City, I like to specialize in creating unique and diverse designs that reflect a strong personality, I am also very passionate about web design, typography and advertising, although being an integrated designer, I have been getting into animation, video editing and marketing as well.

I like to describe myself as a proud Colombian and world traveler, since I've had the opportunity to live in Italy and visit many places in southern Europe as well as becoming a TAMU-CC Islander in Texas.

I believe that my creative work should always be meaningful; traveling gave me the great ability to be open-minded, creative and culturally aware, which is reflected in my style and aesthetic. You'll see in my portfolio that each one of my projects shows uniqueness and dedication!! 
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