Everlast Beer Co.
Packaging Design & Branding
"Everlast is the type of beer that will make every night a Saturday night. This is the beer to get rowdy with the crowd or chill with your crew. Our beers were crafted to match the personality of each one of our founders and brewed especially for you." Everlast Beer is a sports-inspired beer brand. Their three kinds of beer, Front Runner (Amber Ale), Lucky Chance (Blonde Ale) and Knock Out (Stout) come in different presentations. 

Front Runner Six Pack (Bottles)
"Front Runner is like Mathew Mcconaughey, it makes everything alright, alright, alright. Our Amber ale’s taste can range from a gala event, all the way down to cracking a cold one with some friends. It will leave you feeling like the Front Runner all night long. "
Lucky Chance Four Pack (Cans)
"Lucky Chance is the liquid courage you need to talk to that hottie at the other end of the bar. One sip of our sweet malted hops will have you shooting your shot with that 11/10 in no time."
Knock Out, Lucky Chance, Front Runner 
All presentations 
"Knock Out is our power stout that will make a Champ out of any nerd in no time. The roasted barley and malted oats, will put hair on your chest and a fat caterpillar on your upper lip. I hope you did your man-ups because this brew is stout!"

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